More than Online Training

Sick of online learning systems that don't get your students completed? Same here. So we made Enlight to solve that for ourselves and for you. Yes, we use it too!

Enlight Works Like This

Below are the basic steps involved in getting your course online
and payments seemlessly entering into your Stripe payment account.

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We create your online course platform

If you take advantage of our Concierge Service, our team of course building ninjas will create the online course you always dreamed of. Otherwise, you have full access to our course builder tool letting you create the course of your dreams.

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Simple, no fuss payments from students to you

No complex e-commerce site to setup, simply link up your Stripe account (free) and start accepting payments for your course.

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Course supervision as they go

Our Course Supervisors will guide your students through the course, making sure they "get it" and can apply what you teach

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Insights & Analytics

Enlight provides real-time student performance insights to help your students get though to completion.

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Learn more about how Enlight works

Better than industry standards; by far.


Industry “average” online course completion rate


Completion rate considered “exceptional” by the industry


Enlights’ completion rate across tens of thousands of students

Sell your course to the masses!